ntHash is a hashing algorithm tuned for processing DNA/RNA sequences. It performs the best when calculating hash values for adjacent k-mers in an input sequence, operating an order of magnitude faster than the nearest competitors in typical use cases.

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  • Hamid Mohamadi, Justin Chu, Benjamin P Vandervalk, and Inanc Birol. ntHash: recursive nucleotide hashingBioinformatics (2016) 32 (22): 3492-3494. doi:10.1093/bioinformatics/btw397

Current Release

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All Releases

Version Released Description Licenses Status
2.0.0 Sep 18, 2018 Increased the periodicity of ntHash BSD final
1.0.4 Jan 29, 2018 MIT License BSD final
1.0.3 Jul 25, 2017 Fixing bugs and optimizing opts GPLv3 for non-commercial usage final
1.0.2 Sep 20, 2016 COPYRIGHT, LICENSE: Change the license to GPL-3 GPLv3
BCCA (academic use)
1.0.1 Jun 13, 2016 Fixing the bugs for reading multi-line fasta files BCCA (academic use) final
1.0.0 May 03, 2016 Extending the test suite for runtime and uniformity tests. Please check the Documentation link BCCA (academic use) final
0.0.1 Feb 05, 2016 Initial release for ntHash BCCA (academic use) final
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