cBioPortal is an interactive open-source platform designed for visualizing and analyzing genomics data in a user-friendly, integrative way. It provides researchers and clinicians an insight in large scale cancer genomics data sets to help them create and select better treatments for patients.

Visit cbioportal.org to learn more.

Data from the POG program can be accessed through the Personalized OncoGenomics portal.

Educational Videos

Learn about cancer genomics from BC Cancer experts.
Special thanks to BC Cancer Medical Staff Engagement Society for their funding support.

Clinical Genomics Testing

Presented by Dr. Howard Lim, MD, FRCPC.

Next generation sequencing | Availability of genomic tests nationally and internationally | Issues and challenges in genomic testing | Managing incidental germline findings

Somatic Alterations in Cancer Genomes

Presented by Dr. Stephen Yip, MD, PhD, FRCPC.

Somatic alterations in cancer genomes | Alternatives to whole genome sequencing | Integration of RNAseq with whole genome sequencing

Relevance of Different Types of Variation

Presented by Dr. Kasmintan Schrader, MBBS, FRCPC, PhD, DABMG.

Germline vs. somatic variations | Tumour-normal sequencing | Determining somatic variants

Use of Clinical Genetic Information from Genome Sequencing

Presented by Dr. Kasmintan Schrader, MBBS, FRCPC, PhD, DABMG.

Using clinical genetic information | Genome sequencing | Variants of uncertain significance | Mutational signatures | Cancer susceptibility | Drug metabolism | Response to therapy | Side effects | Hereditary cancer assessment | Ethical implications

Bioinformatics and Analysis of Data

Presented by Dr. Martin Jones, PhD.

Analysis of genomic data | Integrative analysis | Organizing and interpreting genomic analyses | Annotation | Quality control | Data curation and management

Tumor Sequencing

Presented by Hereditary Cancer Program, BC Cancer

Cancer cells | Risk factors | Cancer mutations | Hereditary cancer | Undertaking tumor sequencing

Genetic Testing

Presented by Hereditary Cancer Program, BC Cancer

Multiplex gene panel testing | Interpreting expected and unexpected results | Process for undergoing multiplex gene panel testing

Online resources

Free, open-access online educational material manually curated for scientists.

Canadian Bioinformatics Workshops: bioinformatics for cancer genomics
Users can access "Introduction to Cancer Genomics" learning module from 2018 Bioinformatics for Cancer Genomics workshop hosted by the Canadian Bioinformatics Workshops and presented by Trevor Pugh from Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. Other Bioinformatics DotCa videos are also available.

repository of genomics and health impact information compiled by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Resources include a searchable knowledge base, glossary, weekly updates and video clips on genomics, reports and publications, podcasts and videos as well as information on genomic testing.

The Genetics/Genomics Competency Center (G2C2) is a project funded and maintained by the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The website offers free high quality educational resources aimed at providing health professionals and practitioners with self-directed learning in genetics and genomics. The website includes an online repository of educational materials, peer-reviewed collections, resources mapped to specific genomics competencies, as well as resources searchable by discipline/profession, genomic topics, and societies or organizations.

The genome information and resource centre hosted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) of the National Library of Medicine (NLM).

Nature Collection: Cancer Genomics, From Bench to Bedside: A comprehensive collection of articles from Nature Reviews Genetics, Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology and Nature Reviews Cancer. The collection covers all topics, bench-to-bedside, relating to cancer genomics. Articles and review papers can be accessed free by researchers, clinicians and members of the general public.

The Genomics Education Programme is an online learning portal hosted by the UK’s National Health Service (NHS). The website offers online courses in genomics, bioinformatics, whole genome sequencing and tumour assessment along with education and training resources (factsheets, reports, publications, videos) for clinicians and practitioners. Courses are free for certain UK-based users and pay-to-access for all other users.

Healio is an in-depth clinical information website providing information and resources on a variety of health topics. The website offers a number of useful genomics resources for clinicians and oncologists including videos, tumor boards and genomics learning modules. The learning modules are self-paced and include the following topics: genomics primer, whole genome sequencing, genomic medicine in clinical practice, tumor board cases (case-based learning), pathology assessment of tumor tissue, and collaborative care.

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