The Genome Sciences Centre, a leading institution in genomic research and innovation, is proud to announce its recent affiliation as part of the Earth BioGenome Secretariat. This marks a significant milestone in the Centre's commitment to advancing the frontiers of genomics and biodiversity conservation.

A Leap Forward in Genomic Research and Conservation

The Earth BioGenome Project (EBP), an ambitious initiative to sequence the DNA of all life on Earth, recognizes the Genome Sciences Centre's long-term contributions to genomic science. As a member of the Secretariat, the Centre will play a pivotal role in steering this global effort, leveraging its expertise in large-scale genome sequencing and analysis.

Uniting for Biodiversity

This collaboration signifies a united effort among the world's leading genomic institutions to create a comprehensive "genomic ark." The project aims to sequence and catalog the genomes of the over one million known species of animals, plants, and fungi on Earth. By doing so, it seeks to provide a foundational genetic resource for new scientific insights in biology, aiding in the understanding and preservation of biodiversity.

Expertise and Innovation at the Forefront

The Genome Sciences Centre, renowned for its cutting-edge research and technological innovation, brings a wealth of experience to the Earth BioGenome Project. Its involvement is expected to help accelerate the pace of genomic discoveries and enhance global efforts in conservation biology, ecosystem restoration, and sustainable development.  The participation of the Genome Sciences Centre in the Earth BioGenome Project is under the auspices of the Canadian BioGenome project, funded by Genome Canada along with Genome British Columbia, Genome Alberta, Ontario Genomics and Genome Quebec. The Genome Sciences Centre is also a node of CGEn which, in conjunction with with partner nodes in Toronto (The Centre for Applied Genomics at The Hospital for Sick Children) and Montréal (McGill Genome Centre at McGill University), operates as an integrated national platform providing genomic services, including genome sequencing and analysis.

Quotes from Leadership

Dr Steven Jones, the co-director of the Genome Sciences Centre, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration: "Joining the Earth BioGenome Secretariat provides a way for Canada to participate at the vanguard of biodiversity genomics. Our national team is eager to contribute to this monumental undertaking, which holds the key to unlocking genetic mysteries of life and helping to safeguard the planet’s biodiversity."

About the Earth BioGenome Project

The Earth BioGenome Project is a global initiative aimed at sequencing and cataloging the DNA of all eukaryotic species on Earth. It represents an unprecedented collaboration among scientists, researchers, and conservationists to harness the power of genomics for understanding and preserving Earth's biodiversity.

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